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Climate changes in San Diego (4/07)

Hotter, Faster, Worser (4/06)

Resolve the conflict of environmental guilt vs. lifestyle with TerraPass (4/05)
Scripps researchers find clear evidence of human-produced warming in world’s oceans (4/05)
Global warming bill means thousands of new jobs (4/05)

Experts warn ecosystem changes will continue to worsen, putting global development goals at risks (4/05)

Top utility, energy & auto companies failing on global-warming risk disclosures (8/03)
Strong showing on global warming resolution at AEP is "big win" for shareholder activists (6/03)
Climate affects recent crop yield gains (4/03)
Greenhouse gas emissions trading under the Kyoto Protocol kicks off with historic transaction (2/03)
Environmental Defense praises new Mccain-Lieberman climate bill (1/03)

Tiny phytoplankton play a large role in earth's climate system (12/02)
Satellites to profile weather, improve forecasts through GPS (10/02)
Climate change threatens the future of marine ecosystems (9/02)
State Attorneys General letter to President Bush (8/02)
Climate change threatens health of America’s lakes, streams, rivers and wetlands (4/02)
Antarctic ice shelf collapse is largest in 30 years (4/02)
British Petroleum beats greenhouse gas target by eight years (4/02)

Atmosphere, not oceans, carries most heat to poles (10/01)
Dawn of a new ozone hole (10/01)
Adaptive-decision strategy offsets uncertainties in climate sensitivity (10/01)
New NASA satellite sensor and field experiment shows aerosols cool the surface but warm the atmosphere (10/01)
Aerosols cool the earth's surface but warm the atmosphere (8/01)
Curbing sprawl to fight climate change (7/01)
150-year global ice record reveals major warming trend (7/01)
Soil fertility limits forests capacity to absorb excess CO2 (7/01)
Global warming and human impacts combine destructive forces on coral reefs (6/01)
Most-serious greenhouse gas is increasing, international study finds (6/01)
Societal collapse driven by abrupt climate change (2/01)
Climate change could cause major changes in US ecosystems (1/01)
Global warming may pose risks to human health (1/01)

Climate change has world skating on thin ice (11/00)
New satellite data to assess role clouds play in climate change (7/00)
New research on long-term ocean cycles reveals rapid global warming in new future (5/00)
US carbon dioxide emissions -- 1999 (7/00)
Loss in biodiversity by year 2100 could be consequence of global change (5/00)
GAO study links aircraft emissions to global warming (4/00)
Air pollution can prevent rainfall (4/00)
Melting of earth's ice cover reaches new high (4/00)
Death by global warming? (3/00)
Spaceborne laser instruments to revolutionize understanding of global change (2/00)
Voluntary reductions in greenhouse gas emissions have almost tripled since 1994 (2/00)
World Weather Report (1/00)
Ozone layer recovery in jeopardy as administration backs industry interests (1/00)

Global warming threatens state's quality of life (12/99)
"I'm melting!" (11/99)
Scripps scientists answer classic "chicken or egg" question of climate change (9/99)
1998 was warmest year of the millennium (6/99)
Global warming: the scientific evidence (5/99)
Coral bleaching and death could be early warning of environmental change (3/99)
20 year global temperature record shows warming and cooling trends (2/99)

The heat is on: global warming could mean many more days over 90, 95 and 100°F for the USA (9/98)
The Precautionary Principle (3/98)
New evidence of global warming (1/98)

What ails the globe? (4/94)