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The smoke-free, air pollution solution (4/07)

Key studies on air pollution and health effects near high-traffic areas (6/03)
Report confirms severe air pollution from factory farms (4/03)

Groups sue EPA over neglect of San Joaquin Valley particulate air pollution (11/02)
Air pollution fatalities now exceed traffic fatalities by 3 to 1 (10/02)
New report highlights California's hidden air quality menace (9/02)
Research shows how pollutants affect tree growth (9/02)
State Attorneys General letter to President Bush (8/02)
Particulate air pollution and health: the facts (8/02)
Air quality and pollen: How the tree you choose can effect the environment (5/02)
Court affirms historic clean air standards (5/02)
Strong new air quality standards for particulate matter to be considered by the California Air Resources Board (5/02)
British Petroleum beats greenhouse gas target by eight years (4/02)

Dawn of a new ozone hole (10/01)
New NASA satellite sensor and field experiment shows aerosols cool the surface but warm the atmosphere (10/01)
Air pollution control efforts will add to global warming if carbon monoxide is not curbed along with nitrogen oxides (7/01)
Air pollution may trigger heart attack in at-risk patients (7/01)
Most-serious greenhouse gas is increasing, international study finds (6/01)

Barrio Logan community selected as an environmental justice pilot project (12/00)
Air pollution from Asia could violate new federal ozone standards (6/00)
Scripps scientists pinpoint new, major source of atmospheric methyl bromide (2/00)
Voluntary reductions in greenhouse gas emissions have almost tripled since 1994 (2/00)

Benefits of 1990 clean air amendments outweigh costs by four-to-one margin (12/99)

U.S. EPA finalizes approval of California's clean air plans (10/96)
Polluters whine as state gets serious about air pollution (10/96)
Repairing a legacy of pollution by Kelco (10/96)
The Port District doesn't know which way the wind is blowing! (6/96)
Tiny particles in air liked to 1,000 early deaths in San Diego (6/96)
Take care of your air (6/96)

Air quality IQ test (9/95)
Children's Environmental Index ranks best and worst U.S. cities (8/95)