Adopt a nest of adorable sea turtle hatchlings

A wonderful gift that protects endangered sea turtles and their ocean home.

provided by Sea Turtle Restoration Project

his year, Adopt-A-Nest of endangered sea turtle hatchlings as a very special gift for your friends and family – and for ancient sea turtle species. Offered by the Sea Turtle Restoration Project, a nonprofit project which has worked to protect the world's endangered sea turtles since 1990, the Adopt-A-Nest program allows people around the world to protect endangered sea turtles on the tropical beaches where they hatch, and in their ocean homes.

    Your gift of a personalized Adopt-A-Nest package will bring the wonder of ancient sea turtle species and their marine habitat into the homes of your family and friends. For a $35 adoption contribution, the adoptive parent will receive:

  • An adorable, stuffed sea turtle hatchling finger puppet
  • A sea turtle coloring book
  • A personalized certificate of adoption
  • A color photo of the sea turtle hatchlings
  • Fascinating fact sheets about the sea turtles
  • Sea Turtle Restoration Project membership materials (bumper sticker, newsletters and action alerts)
  • For an additional $20, (total contribution of $55) the adoptive parent will also receive a beautifully detailed, mother sea turtle hand puppet, with a movable mouth and flippers

    To Adopt-A-Nest by credit card, call the Sea Turtle Restoration Project at 1-800-859-SAVE or 415-488-0370; fax 415-488-0372, or visit, where you'll find other holiday gifts including unique jewelry, shirts, books, totebags, and notecards. All proceeds from Adopt-A-Nest packages and other purchases support the international sea turtle programs of STRP, a nonprofit environmental organization founded in 1990.

    Adopting a sea turtle nest as a holiday gift helps protect endangered sea turtles and their marine habitat. Sea turtles have been swimming the ocean waters of the earth since the era of the dinosaurs. But today these graceful ocean dwellers face the same fate as the dinosaurs: extinction. Once abundant, today, all of the world's seven species of sea turtle are endangered or threatened. The Sea Turtle Restoration Project protects nesting beaches, spurs grass-roots action, develops multimedia campaigns, and is committed to reversing this decline and saving these ancient giants.

    The Sea Turtle Restoration Project, founded in 1989, is a project of Turtle Island Restoration Network, a nonprofit environmental organization incorporated in California. In order to achieve our goals, STRP uses a strategic combination of grassroots education and organizing, legal pressure, hands-on conservation, innovative use of the media, research, and policy advocacy. Sea Turtle Restoration Project, POB 400, Forest Knolls, CA 94933; (415) 488-0370;;