Take part in the EarthWorks design contest


San Diego Earthworks, the producers of the annual EarthFair in Balboa Park, is seeking a logo/design that will support our Earth Day 1999/2000 campaign: "Make the Connections."

This is a chance for you to express your creativity, support a sustainable planet and increase the visibility of your work.

We are seeking designs for potential use as:

  • Logo for "Earth Day 1999/2000 Make the Connections."
  • Logo for EarthFair'99 "Make the Connections" in Balboa Park on April 18, 1999.
  • Design for EarthFair'99 "Make the Connections" volunteer T-shirts.
  • Design for use at other "Earth Day 1999/2000 Make the Connections" events (e.g., VIP (Very Important Planet) Reception and EARTH Awards, Earth Day Business Breakfast, Children's Earth Parade, Multi-Cultural Maze).

Any winning logo designs must work in black and white (other designs may use color) and will be used prominently in San Diego Earth Day promotions, on our website, in press releases and more.

Winning designs will receive cash prizes plus recognition in press releases, at special events and in printed materials.

Denis Hayes, who ran the very successful campaigns for Earth Day 1970 (when 20 million Americans created a national agenda) and Earth Day 1990 (200 million people in 141 countries created a global movement), is once again the Chair for the Earth Day Network and planning another breakthrough global campaign for the 30th anniversary of Earth Day in April 2000. The San Diego Earth Day 1999/2000 "Make the Connections" celebrations will be linked to this global campaign for a sustainable future. Help us Make the connections between art, the earth and sustainable communities.



Contest submissions are due by Dec. 15, 1998. All submissions must be accompanied by a submission form. For the contest rules and conditions and a submission form, please phone (619) 272-7370, fax (619) 272-2933, or e-mail earthworksearthdayweb.org.

Please forward and/or post to any artists committed to a sustainable future!