EarthWorks welcomes new Project Coordinator

by Chris Klein

Claudia Curtis

an Diego EarthWorks is happy to announce that Claudia Curtis has joined San Diego EarthWorks as Project Coordinator, a full-time staff position.

Actually, the title "Project Coordinator" is something of a misnomer; "Everything Coordinator" would be closer to the truth. Claudia will be responsible for: running the office; planning and coordinating EarthFair '99, the VIP Reception and Community Restoration and Renewal Projects; working with volunteers, exhibitors, sponsors, media, vendors and our Board of Directors; fund-raising in short, growing the organization into the next century. It's a daunting position, requiring a wide mix of skills, high energy and a commitment to our vision.

Getting together with Claudia was a case of serendipity. Last April, her first in San Diego, Claudia participated as an Area Manager at EarthFair '98 in Balboa Park. More recently, having quit a "boring" job in the financial industry, she called us, just to see what was going on. It soon became clear we had a match. Her resume includes the production of hundreds of volunteer-run events probably the foremost requirement for the position. But equally important, she has had an abiding interest in and commitment to sustainable environments for many years.

"I was an organic chemist in the early seventies and did pesticide residue analysis on crops, soils and packaging for two years," Claudia stated. "I became very familiar with the effects of pesticides and the average life span of people working with them. As a result I quit the field. I started eating organic, studying the problems of organic farmers and began seeing what was happening to our soils, water and other natural resources as a result of the use of pesticides, herbicides and monoculture farming. I have been an active supporter of sustainability ever since.



"I am excited about the opportunity to work with an organization committed to informing and educating people about what they can do to insure a clean, healthy and prosperous future. I think we are at a point where the solutions to the environmental problems we face can give us a very prosperous future. I also think the window of opportunity won't remain open for very long. If we don't act now we may not be able to reverse the effects of the damage that has been done.

"I am looking forward to producing an EarthFair that is fun, educational and results in people making the connection between their actions now and a sustainable 21st century. Let's have a world that works for everyone, with no-one and nothing left out!"

After working with her only a few weeks, I have only the highest expectations for the organization under Claudia's leadership. You can reach her by calling the office at (858) 272-7370, or by sending email to

got mac?

ow that you've got a new, powerful G3 Macintosh, wouldn't you like to do something useful with that old unit taking up closet space?

The truth is, EarthWorks' workroom computer finally went to Apple heaven after 9 years of hard service, leaving us with only one functioning machine. As we head toward out "busy" season, a second machine is a must.

Not to be too picky, but we're looking for a PowerPC model, 6100-vintage or later. A unit with no monitor, disk or peripherals would not be a problem the main thing is the CPU and memory.

If you can help us out, please call Claudia at (858) 272-7370 or Chris at (858) 272-7423. Of course, your donation is completely tax-deductible.  

Chris Klein is a founder, CFO and board member of San Diego EarthWorks, formerly known as San Diego Earth Day, and the publisher of the San Diego Earth Times.