Ready for adventure? Ready for science?

provided by Science Adventures


 cience Adventures has developed and presented dynamic hands-on science presentations, demonstrations and experiments to elementary aged children since 1988. These experiences are delivered in a variety of different formats, including after-school enrichment programs, summer science day camps, school-wide assemblies, classroom visitations and family science nights.

For the 1997-98 school year, five different after-school enrichment clubs are being offered in the San Diego County area by Science Adventures. Each one focuses on a particular area of science and encourages children to conduct a variety of different hands-on investigations and make-and-take activities and projects. The knowledge gained in these experiments is used by the children to create a project based on the science concepts introduced during the club.

Club Creepy, our newest club edition, is a spine-tingling adventure into weird science. Children are challenged to use science observation skills and tools to uncover the mysteries behind the growing brain, creepy cocoons and the mysterious stolen shadows.

In the Earth Treasures program, children discover the amazing world beneath their feet and the forces that have changed it over the eons. Beautiful sample boards of rocks and minerals are constructed while club participants learn the rock cycle and identify different common rocks they may find in their own back yards.

The life sciences club for this year, Awesome Animal Adventures, surveys the wide diversity of life on Earth both past and present. Children become paleontologists and unearth fossils, discover and explore the reptile and amphibian world, and explore the fascinating realm of ecology by examining owl pellets.

More! Gizmo's, Gadgets and Goop Club is all about "how things work." Children are introduced to physics and chemistry as they create their own catapults, mini-greenhouses, and even working metal detectors!

The popular Fabulous Flight and Motion Club gives children an opportunity to experience firsthand the science of motion. Rubber-powered butterflies and race cars, sinking submarines and marble roller coasters are all part of this fast paced, hands-on club.

Over 25,000 campers enrolled in the 1997 science day camps at sites from California to New York. More than 1,000 schools in these areas are expected to host Science Adventures after-school clubs during the 97-98 school year, providing an exciting enrichment opportunity for tens of thousands of students from coast to coast. For enrollment information, please call 800-472-4362;