Need a little R &R?... well, so does our local environment

Volunteer for San Diego Earth Day's 2nd annual Community Renewal & Restoration Project

by Julaine Chattaway

kay, so we aren't offering rest and relaxation. But we are offering opportunities to Renew and Restore local areas in need. It's time again to put your beliefs into action, working with other like-minded individuals. Why? Because you realize it is going to take each one of us doing something for all of us to make this a better world. We will be making a positive difference in just four days, and we hope you can help out on at least one of the days.

This November and December, San Diego Earth Day volunteers will demonstrate their commitment to the ongoing stewardship of our planet by mobilizing again to clean up, reclaim and restore four areas in San Diego county. Our annual pro-active, educational, hands-on Community Renewal & Restoration Project tasks include: removing non-native plants, water testing, planting native plants, trail blazing, trash and graffiti removal, weeding, mural painting.

This cooperative effort will involve between 500 and 1500 volunteers. Thousands more will receive pre-event environmental education and training. So far, 1996 partners include: City Parks Services, junior and high school clubs, local colleges and universities, Urban Corps, San Diego People For Trees, the California Native Plant Society, San Diego County Water Authority, Foundation for Change, Barona Tribal Council, Qualcomm, San Diego Earth Times and 95.7 radio. Some partners provide educational materials specific to the sites being restored and helped identify the 1996 sites, while others such as local businesses and media are taking the opportunity to donate goods or services to a worthy local project.

This year's restoration sites are: Mission Trails Regional Park on Saturday, November 2 (9am-3pm); Torrey Pines state park on Saturday, November 9 (9am-3pm); an urban setting in the Sherman Heights community on Saturday, November 23 (9am-3pm); and Florida Canyon in Balboa Park on Sunday, December 8 (10am-4pm).

If you or your club/organization would like to volunteer, please attend one of our public environmental training meetings held throughout the County; or, we can come to your group's meeting and make our presentation there. To find out when and where the next public training meeting is, please call our 24-hour voice mail at 496-6666.

If you would like to sponsor, donate goods or services to the project or just want more information, please call Julaine at 272-7370.