October 2000 Table of Contents

Election 2000
  San Diego Earth Times endorsements for the November 7, 2000 General Election
  Comments on philosophy of endorsement
    Editor Carolyn Chase discusses the process of evaluating candidates for public office.
  Bell endorses Judge Dick Murphy for Mayor
    Well-known local ecologist tests the political waters and finds a winner.
  Proposition 37 could change who pays for product impacts
    ... and that would be BAD.
  Open Secrets
    New website shows exactly where political contributions come from and where they're going.
Local Ecology
  Supervisor Pam Slater takes the lead on solutions to polluted runoff
  Artist mark Dion to create a functional bird blind at Tijuana River Estuary
  Assemblywoman Susan Davis increases protection of California's wetlands
  Front-loading washers save time, money, water
    Instant rebate available for local buyers.
Livable Communities
  Smart Conservation
    Local government certainly doesn't make doing the right thing easy.
National Issues
  SUV makers reap billions from tax loophole
  Vapor-recovery system captures and recycles air pollutants
Global Ecology
  Eight Grand Challenges in EnvironmentalScience
  Biodiversity information on every desktop
  New method opens door for more photovoltaic systems being safely linked to electric grid
  Pissed at power politics? Empower yourself!
    Check out your green energy options on-line.

"Wired" households ready for networking, "smart" appliances and new services

  Guide to Energy-Efficient Equipment helps owners and occupants of commercial buildings
Diet & Health
  Protect public from chronic diseases, Pew Commission urges
    Chronic disease the USA's #1 cause of death needs a nation-wide system to track possible links to environmental factors.
  Is Maglev in our future?
  TransitWorks and our region's future
In Your Garden
  Bad soil is no problem in a natural garden
Observations from the Edge
  "W" is for Wisdom