A new approach to environmental management

National University's Environmental Management degree focuses on pollution management

by Mary Kenny
n the past two decades, efforts to solve the ongoing problems of environmental pollution and natural resource depletion have escalated throughout the world. In the United States, federal, state and local governments, as well as private industry, have established mandates and guidelines to address these very real challenges.
National University's Masters in Environmental Management (MEM) degree is one of only a few programs in the United States intended to prepare graduates for environmental management careers. Courses are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of environmental management issues.
Graduates are prepared to measure, evaluate and implement programs for pollution reduction. They are also prepared to apply the problem solving skills necessary for organizations to comply with mandated pollution control standards and to serve as liaisons between government and private industry.
The MEM provides advance level preparation for careers in a wide range of professional areas: environmental management planners, supervisors and directors, water resources planners and directors and waste water management.
The Masters program in Environmental Management provides students with comprehensive knowledge in environmental and managerial issues. Graduates will be able to develop programs and strategies for public and private industries in controlling and managing pollution.
The curriculum focuses on compliance with environmental law and safety standards, and the management of air, water, solid waste and hazardous materials, In economics courses, global business and ethical concerns are also addressed. Students have the opportunity to analyze actual case studies in environmental issues. The applied research project provides the opportunity to work with a corporate entity to develop a workable technology plan in environmental management.
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