August '03 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
 Incompetence or Corruption?
  When city staff produces a grossly inadequate project plan, ignoring law and community intentions to satisfy short-term political goals, who will be held accountable? Typically – no one.
 Help count bald eagles at Big Bear Lake
 Sen. Boxer's California Wild Heritage Act to protect threatened wild places
  California Wilderness Coalition applauds landmark bill
 State Republican budget plans threaten public health and environment
  Coalition says budget proposals shift cost from polluters to taxpayers and cut core programs that protect air, water, coast and parks
 Public demands State Water Board eliminate illegal pollution exemptions
  Public-interest groups appeal decision to allow farm pollution to contaminate state waters
National Issues
 Eastern power outage unfortunate but entirely predictable
  Aug. 14 event offers wake-up call for US energy policymakers
 Two scientists share Heinz Award for the Environment
 Modern pit facility hearing draws protest
  Factory will build more cores for new class of nuclear weapons
Global Ecology
 Top utility, energy & auto companies failing on global-warming risk disclosures
  Study finds major problems in corporate governance practices of largest firms; failure to assess, disclose and address climate risk a problem for investors worldwide
 World's biggest consumers hold new hope for environment
  Worldwatch study documents how green purchasing is helping institutions save the planet and their own bottom lines
 Researchers begin to divide the world according to evolutionary genetics
  Monkeys and toads define priority areas for conservation on a fine geographic scale
 Recycling Energy: The Fine Art of Rag Picking
 Energy facts contradict Bush global warming plan
 Power Play
  Senator Barbara Boxer explains how energy bill would keep Uncle Sam over a barrel
 Wind power set to become world's leading energy source
Observations from the Edge
 Only you can prevent deforestation... the Feds won't