July '98 Table of Contents


Local Ecology

A Tale of Two Developments
If we must have growth, let's make sure it's planned.
The Port (mis)Authority
Grand Jury issues a scathing report about the San Diego Port Authority's skewed priorities.
Toxic turnaround
San Diego's Environmental Health Coalition leads the way in helping local governments eliminate toxics.
Introducing the San Diego Commuters Club
Now, a little support for those choosing to carpool.

Global Ecology

Future of global environment hinges on surging flows of private capital
International policy reforms are needed to protect the environment and economies in developing countries.
Carbon trading free-for-all danger to climate treaty
The developed countries can buy their way out of pollution controls.
Toxic pollution: A mixed bat o' waste in EPA's newest TRI data
The Top 10 states in toxic pollution.
Chocolate habitat
Chocolate helps save Brazil's biodiversity.
Reef Balls: Coming to an ocean near you?
A scheme to move excess atmospheric CO2 into the ocean.

National Issues

U.S. taxpayers funding climate change through oil industry subsidies
Micro-credit: Taking out a loan on population
Small loans help low-income people start income-generating projects.
An ounce of prevention: think ahead before you buy
It you don't buy it, you don't have to recycle it.

In Your Garden

Pest-free vegetable gardens the organic way
Using companion plantings and beneficial insects to keep pests at bay.

Diet & Health

Controlling environmental factors could reduce suffering from children's lung disease
Inhaled cellulosic and plastic fibres found in human lung tissue
Once you breathe this stuff in, it never leaves.
Mammograms and clinical breast cancer exams produce high levels of false-positive results

Observations from the Edge

All is fair in love and veal
Our resident eco-radical takes a trip to the Fair.
Question growth
Will we stop growth, or will it stop us?