Building a green marketplace

Announcing the formation of the San Diego Enviro Business Consortium

by Carolyn Chase
nvironmental consumer choices require environmental business choices. Dedicated to sensible environmental stewardship, eleven local businesses have formed the San Diego Enviro Business Consortium. As members of the Co-op America Business Network, they have pledged to conduct business according to standards that reach "beyond contemporary practices in addressing the needs of consumers, employees, the community and the environment."
The founding companies are: Absolute-Lee Global Wear, American Formulating Manufacturing (AFM), Linda DiBona Interiors, Earth Connections, EnvironGentle, Gelder's Global Gig... Music for the Planet, Green Field Paper Company, Kung Food Vegetarian Restaurant, Douglas P. Lewis, Certified Financial Planner, and Plan-it Systems.
Members "prove that it is not only possible, but profitable to have a business that supports environmental and social responsibility ... whose bottom line is inspired by what lies beneath them: Mother Earth."
Green businesses challenge themselves to bring the goals of justice, environmental stewardship and quality of life into all of their activities - production and service, employment and investment, community and vendor relations. Green businesses minimize waste, recycle and make products built to last. They focus much of their work on life-supporting products and services: affordable housing, sustainable agriculture, education, energy efficiency, pollution control and community health care.
Green businesses create jobs. They also serve as models for the role businesses can play in the transformation of our society to one that is just and sustainable. They care about their customers, communities, workers and the environment. Green businesses spring up in communities other businesses ignore - inner cities, rural and Native American. They are started by the people in these communities who, in turn, bring respect and dignity to the people they employ.
If your business is interested in being a part of this green business network, the next Consortium meeting will be on July 9th. Call for location of the meeting, or send information on your business to Consortium headquarters: San Diego Enviro Business Consortium, 6540 Camino Del Parque Carlsbad, CA 92009, Tel & Fax: (619) 431-1216; Email: