June '01 Table of Contents

Local Ecology
 Guidelines for future development
  The City of San Diego should get its act together on current growth before asking us to increase population.
 A layperson's guide to the water transfer agreements
  What the "Babbitt Initiatives" mean for Southern California.
 Architecture for kids: Blueprint for a green theme park
An elementary school class designs an "environmental" partner to SeaWorld.
Livable Communities
 Smart funding: purchased development rights
  Economic policy can move development from where we donÕt want it to where we do, with no financial losers.
Global Ecology
 Nature will not wait
  The president of Green Cross International and former President of the Soviet Union calls for a change in human consciousness if we are to save the environment and promote world stability and peace.
 Global warming and human impacts combine destructive forces on coral reefs
 Organic apple orchards competitive, sustainable
 Running out of reptiles
  Reptiles are in even greater distress worldwide than their better known cousins, the amphibians.
 More environmental regulation can increase corporate profits
Pollution and Waste
 Findings may boost efforts to destroy pollutants with ultrasound
 Most-serious greenhouse gas is increasing, international study finds
... and that gas is ... water vapor!
 Dirty dozen chemicals targeted by U.N. conference
 US EPA fines UCSD & UCLA for PCB violations
 An interfaith call for energy conservation and climate justice
 Scientists express grave concern over White House energy plan
 NRDC proposes "responsible" energy policy for the 21st century
 Clean coal?
Long-time SDET reader - and her son - find "clean coal" an oxymoron.
 Solution to country's energy woes might include hot air
 Environmentally conscious energy efficiency efforts
Assemblymember Christine Kehoe addresses our energy problems.
Diet & Health
 Childhood exposure to cats reduces asthma risk
 Making fast food more nutritious
 Cook your carrots for more antioxidants
 Ten years of herbal medicine studies reviewed
 Folate intake counteracts breast cancer risk associated with alcohol
Observations from the Edge
 America at a crossroads: veering left
Our resident eco-radical find the seven deadly sins in our American way of life.