Volunteer for Earth Day!

by Chris Klein

San Diego EarthWorks' EarthFair in Balboa Park is the largest free environmental fair in the world: more than 230 exhibitors, 60,000 visitors in an average year, parades, entertainment, food, and eHome, Technology and Health Pavilions.

    And it's all produced by around 400 volunteers. In fact, without the help of the good citizens of San Diego lending a hand for the environment, the event probably couldn't be held – certainly, not in its current format. EarthFair volunteers help keep the cost of the event down, so that organizations of every size can take part. The Fair is really a gift from the citizens of San Diego to San Diego.

    Maybe you can see where this is heading... we need YOU to come out and make this event happen. Each year, about 80% of our volunteers assist at the EarthFair for the first time. Some volunteers have never been to the fair before, but still want to do something to help promote a clean, healthy future.

    Why assist? Because you want to make a difference for the environment and our quality of life? Because you'd like be an important part of something big? Because you would like to meet people who are up to the same thing you are? Because... you fill in the blanks.

    EarthFair has jobs for all interests and ages, from 13 years up. There are high-intensity, physical jobs, like the Setup, Transportation and Electrical Teams. There are more peaceful jobs, like the Communications Room and staffing an EarthWorks Booth.

    So here's the deal. If this sounds like something you're up for – if this seems to you like the right thing to do – I invite you to volunteer. We need about 5 hours of your time: 2 hours to go to a training meeting (no experience necessary), plus a 3-hour shift at the fair. Five hours is a minimum... we'll take all you're willing to give.

    For more details, or to sign up online, go to our website: www.earthdayweb.org. Come out and help put on an event for 60,000 of our closest friends.

    Mr. Klein has been the Production Supervisor of the EarthFair in Balboa Park for 14 years, and is the publisher of the San Diego Earth Times.