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Earth Day 2003 – “We Are The Earth”

14th Annual EarthFair 2003 is on Sunday, April 27

by Alice Martinez


ooking for something meaningful to do for in celebration of the 33rd anniversary of Earth Day? San Diego EarthWorks will be hosting the 14th annual EarthFair on Sunday, April 27, 2003 from 10am – 5pm in San Diego's Balboa Park. This year's theme is “We Are The Earth.” The EarthFair is the largest free environmental event in the world, produced by more than 400 volunteers, with more than 250 earth friendly exhibitors, and about 65,000 attendees.

    At this fun and educational event, San Diego families can find solutions to today's problems and help to create a better future for us all. Throughout the park, visitors will see all sorts of environmental exhibits, showcasing environmental organizations, businesses, services and products.

    There are lots of fun hands-on activities, like the kids world games sponsored by the City of San Diego's After school Programs, and environmental mural and face painting. There are hundreds of interactive booths with interesting things to see – and taste, like cookies baked by the sun.

    The event was, for a brief time, scheduled for May 4, due to venue scheduling conflicts. Now, it have been moved to its original intended date of April 27. “We hope that folks will find out about the new date and don't show up in May,” said Chris Klein, EarthFair Production Manager.

The Earth on parade


    Starting off the day at 10:15 am will be the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Parade. The AFV parade features a wide variety of electric and/or hybrid vehicles – from electric sports cars to large natural gas fleet trucks. After the parade, these environmentally friendly vehicles will be on display all day long at “AFV Alley.”

    Following the AFV parade, at about 10:30, the 13th annual Children's Earth Parade showcases youth representing their hopes for the planet (e.g., dressing up like their favorite endangered species) or expressing themselves with this year's themes with creative costumes and floats made from recycled materials.

    Groups or individuals interested in participating the either the AFV or Children's Parade may apply by calling the EarthWorks office at: 858-272-7370.

    There are five stages of entertainment at EarthFair: the Children's Stage and the Folk Music Stage, plus live music featuring local musicians on three stages sponsored by local radio stations.

    At the eHome (Environmental Home) demonstration area, visitors will find some of the best energy-efficient and sustainable home practices, such as EnergyStar appliances, recycled material decking, tank-less water heaters, solar cooking equipment, and renewable and sustainable building materials.

    Visitors can also visit the eARTh Gallery featuring artwork made from recycled or found materials or artful representations of  San Diego's “Endangered Spaces.” There will be Health and Technology Pavilions, an all vegetarian/vegan food area, and so much more.

Calling all volunteers


    “The EarthFair is really a gift from the citizens of San Diego to the citizens of San Diego,” said Mr. Klein. “The event is planned and staffed by about 400 volunteers – we couldn't do the event without them.”

    Volunteering is easy – and fun. There are 18 different positions, from the high-visibility physically active jobs, like the Transportation Team, to more relaxed ones, like staffing an Information Booth. Volunteer work a minimum of one 3-hour shift, but are very welcome to help out all day.

    “This year, our need for volunteers is particularly urgent, as one organization that normally provides 80+ volunteers cannot participate this year,” said Klein. “We hope that people who have never worked with us before but want to make a difference for our environment and quality of life will come out and help us put on a party for '60,000 of our closest friends'”.

    To find out more about volunteering, and to sign up to volunteer online, visit the EarthWorks website at: www.earthdayweb.org.

Getting there

    Far more people visit EarthFair than can park immediately adjacent to Balboa Park. You can maximize your EarthFair experience by using public transportation, or carpooling – and arriving early. If you plan to drive and arrive after 11am, you can park in the City College parking lot, off Park Blvd., and take a free natural-gas powered shuttle to the fair.

    Bicycle riders can use EarthFair's free bike parking, located across the Laurel Street bridge, in front of the Museum of Man, and on Village Place, off Park Blvd. If riders don't want to bike all the way, they can consider parking in a surrounding area and biking the rest of the way to the Park.

    San Diego EarthWorks is a nonprofit, volunteer based organization, committed to a clean, healthy and prosperous future for all living things. Our other events throughout the year include the Very Important Planet (VIP) Reception and EARTH Awards in April, Community Renewal & Restoration Projects throughout the year, and the GreenBuilt Tour in October.

    For more information, please contact EarthWorks 24-hour hotline at (858) 496-6666 or please visit our website at, www.earthdayweb.org. To contact EarthWorks, please call (858) 272-7370 or email EarthWorksearthdayweb.org.